This page shows the standard simplex frequencies in the VHF and UHF bands, as well as a cross-band pair number.  In order to ensure co-ordination exists between cross-band rig users for special events, these CR numbers will be allocated during special event planning.  This is only a gentleman's agreement between local amateurs, to prevent them inadvertently selecting the same simplex local operating channel and thereby causing possible lockups on the repeaters they are trying to access.

Note that known frequent users have been pre-allocated certain channels, but that these allocations might change for a specific event, depending on the demand for cross-band channels.  The event planning will refer to these CR numbers below.

(The SARL Bandplan was consulted for the general simplex operating channels)

Secondary allocations in yellow have been added for events where the primary allocatee is not making use of the pair

Prelim allocations:

PAIR No: VHF UHF Name Callsign
 CR1 145.300 433.400 Beavan ZS2RL
 CR2 145.325 433.425  Les / Michael  ZS2VA / ZS2MDL
 CR3 145.350 433.450 Glen ZS2GV
 CR4 145.375 433.475 Tony ZR2TX
 CR5 145.400 433.500  Colin / Jimmy  ZR2CRS / ZS2JIM
 CR6 145.425 433.525  Andre / Andrew / Richard ZS2BK / ZS2G / ZS2RA
 CR7 145.450 433.550  Micho / Dave  ZS2MD / ZS2DH
 CR8 145.475 433.575  John / Gert  ZS2GB / ZS2GS